My fiancé hired Jeanette to photograph the proposal, and despite neither of us knowing Jeanette or reviewing her work beforehand, the photos turned out SO great that we decided to use her for our engagements as well! I’m so glad that we did because they turned out beautifully. Jeanette is such a joy to work with. She makes you feel very comfortable in what could be an awkward situation (kiss, smile, kiss, pose, etc.) and brought great suggestions for the location of our shoot, scoping out the spots beforehand. She is very flexible with locations, meeting times, and is overall one of the nicest people! I would highly recommend Jeanette to anyone who is looking to hire her!
— Morgan Daerr, Boston, Massachusetts
We’re in the bridal suite, about to be “introduced” to the reception. I looked in the mirror, and I somehow managed to smear off ALL the foundation from around my mouth. It was MORE than just noticeable, and none of my bridesmaids had concealer on them. At that point Jeanette runs out to her car, and brings back her personal foundation for me to use. What photographer does that?! She literally saved my face - on my wedding day. She went above and beyond the call of “photographer” duties. That’s who she is, as a person. Now, who she is as a photographer is JUST as amazing as who she is as a person. She has such an eye for taking gorgeous, natural shots. Her pictures do not look forced or fake - they have a warmth to them that I’ve never seen before. Jeanette was so helpful both before, during AND after the wedding. The album she put together for us, blew us away. We are so thankful we had her as our photographer. All I can say is book her quick, because this girl is going places.
— Angela McMorrow, Easton, Massachusetts
Jeanette was awesome to work with right from the beginning! She was always available to talk about ideas and met with us a few times to get a sense of what we wanted. The engagement photos came out amazing and she was always easy to work with. She captured every moment perfectly at the wedding and didn’t miss a single shot. She was a blast to work with throughout and the pictures came out beautiful. We would recommend her to absolutely anyone in need of a photographer!
— Lauren Miller, Portland, Maine
We attended Tom and Kelleigh’s wedding in the summer of 2016. I was so impressed with the photorapher. She had amazing energy throughout the evening, cheerfully photographing from a variety of positions, taking group photographs without tying up the wedding party’s time away from the reception. I’ve been to and participated in a lot of wedding. Jeanette was by far the most fun and pleasant phtographer I’ve ever seen or worked with. When the photos were finished, her creativity shined brightly. A true artistic photographer.
— John Bonell, Pasadena, California